Sign the Pledge

Doctors who see visiting pharmaceutical representatives (drug reps) prescribe more medication, more expensively and more inappropriately. And drug reps significantly influence doctors’ prescribing habits, which is why companies employ them. A group of 25 doctors and health advocates are launching ‘No Advertising Please’, a campaign highlighting independent sources of education, and encouraging doctors to avoid using drug reps (marketers) as their ‘educational’ resource. Please sign the pledge below to not see visiting reps at your practice for one year.

The No Advertising Please Pledge

I believe, with the wide availability of independent medication information, I do not require promotional material from visiting sales representatives from pharmaceutical companies (‘Drug Reps’). The primary role of the Drug Rep is marketing: encouraging doctors to prescribe their company’s medications. This conflicts with my role to provide the best evidence-based treatment and independent advice to my patients. I therefore take this ‘No Advertising Please’ pledge and choose not to see Drug Reps at my practice for one year.