429 Health Professionals have signed the pledge

  • The NAP campaign brings a new and refreshing level of transparency into medical practice, it can only boost the level of trust patients place in their doctors to see a NAP poster in their waiting rooms.
    Adam Stankevicius
    CEO of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia
  • As a registrar, I trained during the rofecoxib (Vioxx) era and prescribed it to a number of patients. Turns out, the information about its cardiovascular risks was known for at least two years before the drug was withdrawn. I don't trust information from drug companies.
    Dr Geoffrey Spurling
    GP & Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland
  • Many of our colleagues will say they are not unduly influenced by drug company reps, but the research shows that those who see reps often are more likely to prescribe their products, and likely to prescribe more inappropriately. Why would the pharmaceutical companies spend literally billions of dollars worldwide on these marketing practices if they were not reaping profits from these so-called “educational” sessions?
    Dr Justin Coleman
    GP & President of the Australasian Medical Writers Association
  • I support this campaign because I want my patients to be confident that I am prescribing medicines only because it will benefit them. I don't want my prescribing decisions to be determined by the samples I have in the cupboard. There is a big difference between evidence and marketing - I can afford my own pens & I like my home-made lunches.
    Dr Tim Senior
    GP & Author of Wonky Health
  • We’re not anti-drug and this isn’t anti-pharmaceutical industry. On the contrary, drugs are the mainstay of the different forms of treatment we deliver in primary care. We’re just bothered by the advertising and in particular the advertising that goes through drug reps.
    Professor Chris Del Mar
    GP & Professor of Public Health at Bond University
  • GPs need to know what the latest drugs are, they need to know the latest information - its about where you're getting that source of information from.
    Professor Jenny Doust
    GP & Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Bond University
  • If I was a patient I’d want to see a doctor who kept up to date by looking at the best evidence, not necessarily by seeing drug reps. When I go to a doctor I want the best treatment, not the latest treatment.
    Professor Paul Glasziou
    GP & Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University

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October 9, 2014

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No Advertising Please follows on from similar campaigns from doctors all over the world. You can visit the US, Italy, Germany, and the UK without needing a single pharmaceutical plane trip! Let us know if you organise any exchange trips.